Letters to Bare: Endometriosis Relief

We get so many messages from people all over the world sharing their stories about how Foria products have enhanced their lives. Endometriosis is one of the many challenging conditions that people tell us they supplement with Foria products. We've collected some of the most dramatic examples here...

Awaken (CBD & Kava Intimate Massage Oil)

"I thought sex was ruined for me for the rest of my life. Instead of losing hope I started looking into solutions, and I discovered your product FORIA Awaken. It has changed my life so much, and I'm so thankful. I thought I'd never be able to enjoy sex again, but you guys have changed that. Thanks so much for making this product, and not only helping but also representing women with endometriosis everywhere. I couldn’t be more grateful for all you've done.” — Faith W.

I'm a HUGE fan of Foria Pleasure, so I was really excited to try out Awaken. I also have endometriosis, ovarian hemorrhagic cysts, and uterine tumors so sex is usually uncomfortable and painful, but both Foria Pleasure & Foria Awaken have given me much relief and replaced my pain with deliciously addicting pleasure! — Anne 

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