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Our Story

Like all good things, Theory of Her began as an accident. A happy accident.

In a magical land far, far away called New Zealand, we began experimenting with aphrodisiacs and self pleasure (OK, masturbation -- let's not beat around the bush). What ensued was a series of orgasms so back-bending, spine-twisting that we knew we had stumbled upon something too
good not to share.

At first, our signature pleasure spray was something reserved for friends. But then, as the bliss spread among our pussy crew, we kept hearing the same stories over and over again: that the mainstream sex industry just wasn't turning us on; That a lot of the products out there weren't even in line with the kind of bedroom and environmental etiquette we wanted to support; And that a lot of women weren't even comfortable to talk about their erotic needs and fantasies.

For us, that read like a challenge: To change the game of female orgasms and own it like nothing out there!

Over a year and many, many orgams later, we're now a proudly all-female team backed and supported by a community of thousands of other women seeking natural and empowered orgasmic bliss.


As women, we want to be able to talk openly and honestly about our bodies, our needs, and our desires. Unsurprisingly, these topics are still something that socially are… uncomfortable and too often censored. Believe us.  

The consequence?

Our vaginas and sexual health suffer. Seriously. Ultimately, it's made us more self aware when it comes to matters of the bedroom. Which is exactly what we don’t want when it comes to achieving orgasmic bliss. 

Ask yourself, honestly: do you ever request to go "freshen" up before getting down and dirty? Truth is, most of us feel more comfortable having a bath or shower before sex - especially before receiving oral sex. And yet, this essentially washes away the natural pheromones that help to stimulate and arouse our partners!

Our essential oil sprays were developed to not only help bring a little stimulating zing to get the party started, but to also put your mind at ease so that you can leave your inhibitions at the door and enjoy the full spectrum of a sexual encounter - getting licked and all!


We're an all-female team of women based in 3 different continents. As a team, we guarantee that every product we develop is made of quality organic ingredients, packaged to be as environmentally friendly as possible, and tested by real human vaginas.

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